About Us

Jeff Zimmerschied started The Lawn Company in 1995 after growing up on a soybean farm, graduating with a degree in agronomy at the University of Missouri in 1977, and working for Monsanto until starting a software store in 1983.

One of his first customers asked if he could care for her yard without the use of synthetic chemicals. This ignited a passion in Jeff. Growing up, Jeff’s father would come in from the farm drenched in chemical herbicide. Sometimes it would be so bad that his father would collapse and Jeff’s mother would have to call an ambulance. He believes his father’s battle with cancer was ultimately caused by long term exposure to those chemicals.

Focusing on soil health, mineral balance, and promoting microbial life, Jeff and The Lawn Company developed a scientific method to assess a lawn’s needs and address them without the use of harsh chemicals. We’ve learned along the way that those chemicals are ultimately a short-term fix for your lawn. Over time, a healthy natural lawn will have less weeds and problems than one that receives chemical treatments.

Today, those methods are still applied and the result is beautiful lawns and natural spaces across mid-Missouri and Columbia that are safe for people, pets and planet.


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